Accountancy for all businesses

We can help whatever your business entity or position, give us a call whether you are a:

  • Sole Trader
  • Limited Company
  • Partnership
  • Individuals (required to submit a self assessment)
Not For Profit Organisation:
  • Clubs
  • Societies
  • Charities

We are here to offer support and advice for all.


Many Companies struggle to keep on top of their general bookkeeping and maintaining their records.

Although various software options are available they do not suit all users.

Your Business size/complexity may not warrant the cost that software entails. Software still requires time, money and basic accountancy knowledge in order to ensure accurate reporting as inaccurate bookkeeping figures on software can be a time consuming exercise to rectify.

We can take this laborious task off your hands by completing accurate record keeping throughout the year either with or without the need for software.

VAT Returns

Completing and submitting quarterly VAT returns to the HMRC via the new MTD (making tax digital) software and advising of liability due.

Payroll Management

Using Sage Payroll Software to set-up and manage regular payroll runs for yourself as a Director or for your employees, submitting RTI information directly to the HMRC

CIS (Construction Industry Scheme)

This is a scheme put in place due to the high number of self employed businesses within the industry. If you qualify it means contractors can deduct money from a subcontractor’s invoice payments and pass it directly to the HMRC. The deductions count as advance payments towards the subcontractor’s tax and National Insurance. We can help you work out if you fall under the CIS band and help you register if required. As a Contractor we can assist in deducting payments from your Sub Contractors and pass these payment to the HMRC on your behalf and raise CIS Vouchers for your Sub Contractors as required by law.

Post Year End Adjustments

Posting journal entries at the end of the financial year to make necessary adjustments prior to producing final accounts

Produce Final Accounts

Completion of final accounts for the year end, to include Trading Accounts, Profit and Loss Accounts and Balance Sheet Records. From these accounts we can then use them to produce Financial Statements with the detailed and precise reporting of figures required for submission to Companies House for Incorporated Companies such as Limited Companies.

Self Assessment Tax Returns

Completing and Filing your Self Assessment Tax Returns directly with the HMRC on an annual basis for Sole Traders, Individuals, Partnerships, Not for Profit Organisations and Directors of Limited Companies.

Corporation Tax

For Limited Companies we can complete and submit the necessary forms needed for Corporation Tax Returns to HMRC on your behalf ensuring accuracy in the calculation of your tax liability for your Business.

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